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Printable mazes for kidsFree Printable Mazes for Kids

A selection of free printable mazes for kids:

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What is a maze?

A maze is a puzzle consisting of a various branching passages. The solver must find the route to the final destination.

Mazes for kids are very popular since they are both fun and educational.

Why should you encourage your child to practice mazes?

Improve fine motor control skills – since mazes require your child to follow the trail without hitting the edges he needs to control his pen or pencil. These fine motor skills will later be used for writing and other essential skills. Until your child can control his pencil he will not be able to write.

Develop problem solving skills – finding the correct path to the destination develops problem solving skills. Your child will try various strategies to reach the goal. For example, he can use a process of elimination if he starts from the beginning and tries out each possible route. He can also work backwards from the destination to the beginning of the route and thus avoid taking routes that will not lead to the destination. Trying different methods to solve the puzzle will help your child develop problem solving skills that can be used later on in life to solve numerous problems.

Develop a sense of accomplishment – once your child solves the puzzle he or she will feel a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment helps to boost confidence because he has genuinely solved a puzzle. Don’t forget to praise him for his accomplishment. Start with easier mazes and work up to more advanced mazes once your child has mastered the easier ones.

Letter or number recognition – some of our puzzles help develop letter and number recognition. These skills are necessary for both reading and writing.

Develop math skills – some of our puzzles help develop math skills.