Dr Seuss Math Activities

Dr Seuss Math ActivitiesFree Kindergarten Worksheets

Are you looking for Dr Seuss math activities for preschool? We offer a selection of free printable Dr. Seuss math lessons for kindergarteners to learn numbers and basic maths (addition up to 10).






Number 1 & Number 2

Dr Seuss Math Worksheets      Free Printable Number worksheet

Number 3 & Number 4

worksheet    number worksheets     Number printable

Number 5 & Number 6

Number 6         Kindergarten Worksheets

Number 7 & Number 8

Counting sheet     Free Printable Math Kindergarten Worksheets

Number 9 & Number 10

counting book     Free counting printable     Math Worksheets     Dr Seuss Math Worksheet

How do you use these printable worksheets?

You can print individual worksheets if you are learning about one or two numbers. You can also print all of the worksheets on this page to create a Dr Seuss math book or counting book. Dr Seuss math activities for preschoolers make learning enjoyable. Instead of learning the numbers from one to ten they can have fun counting the funny quirky characters.

These printables can be used anytime but are very appropriate when you have a Dr Seuss preschool classroom theme. They will make the lesson plans relevant and part of the theme. Even if you don’t have an entire classroom theme you can add some printable decorations related to Dr Seuss to decorate the classroom and make it a fun place to be.

Additional Ideas for Dr Seuss Activities

  • Ask each student to bring her favorite Dr Seuss book and tell the class about it.
  • Have each child copy a character on a long piece of cardstock to create a bookmark. They can write their name and decorate it with colorful pictures like those in the books that they are most probably familiar with.
  • Make a related craft that you can do together with the class and then put in the classroom all week to create a colorful atmosphere. The kids can take the crafts home at the end of the week.
  • Divide the class into groups of three or four and make colorful posters for the classroom. Help them find a quote from one of the books to inspire them. If they cannot write yet then help them write the quote on the poster. Ask them to decorate the poster together which will help them start getting used to working in a group.
  • For example, write on a blank poster “One fish two fish red fish blue fish” and ask the group to draw the fish and then decorate the poster.


  1. Where do I go to print the Dr. seuss math worksheets.

  2. Tammi Smith says:

    I hard a hard time figuring out how to print them, too. I found that if I clicked on the image, it would open it in a separate window. I could click on “file” and it would allow me to select print from there. They did print in a “normal” size on 8.5 x 11 paper.

  3. You have some great resources here, but how do I save and then print them??

  4. Just click on the worksheet that you would like to print and it will open in a new window. Click on “file” and then either print and/or save.

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