Kindergarten Graduation Certificates

The following printable certificates can be customized with your own text. In order to add your text click on the certificate that you would like to use and a PDF file will open. Each field can be edited. All you need to do is type the details (such as the name of the child, the name of the kindergarten, the date, etc). If you want to add the details after you print the certificate then just print the PDF file and fill in the details.

Kindergarten Diplomas

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Preschool Diploma


Day Care Diploma

kindergarten certificate

Pre Kindergarten Diploma

preschool graduation certificate

These printable certificates were produced by and shared with their permission. You can find many free printable certificates on the site. Most of them are for kids and many can be used by teachers and parents in the classroom and at home.


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  2. I’ll make them for you. Please let me know what you would like them to say.

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