Cut and Paste Worksheets and Activities

cut and paste worksheets and activitiesCut and Paste Worksheets and Activities

A variety of cut and paste worksheets and activities to help kids develop fine motor skills while having fun. These can be used at home, preschool or kindergarten.

Cut and Paste Worksheets and Activities

Cut out the fruit
cut and paste worksheet
and paste it in the bowl. Color the fruit bowl.
picture of a bowl
Cut out the pictures
pictures of school equipment to be colored
and paste in the school bag. color the school bag and the contents.
picture of empty school bag to be colored
Cut out the pictures
pictures of pens, pencils, eraser and equipment for school
and paste in the pencil box. Color the pencil box and its contents.
picture of empty pencil box
Cut out the pictures. To print the pictures below click
on the US or UK version to the right.
picture of dog, bones and dog food to be colored
UK version – Print the picture of the kennel and paste the dog in the kennel and the food outside the kennel.US version – Print the picture of the doghouse and paste the dog in the doghouse and the food
outside the doghouse.Color the picture.
picture of kennel to be colored
Cut out the cherries
pictures of cherries to be colored
Paste them in the pie to make a cherry pie. Color the cherry pie.
picture of an empty pie to be colored and decorated

Why is cutting and pasting important?

Cutting and pasting helps children develop fine motor skills while having fun. It also improves their creativity.

How to teach kids to cut and paste

When kids start learning how to cut paper make sure that they know how to hold and use scissors. Start cutting strips of paper. Once they have mastered cutting lines you can give them simple shapes with straight lines to cut. Shapes with straight lines will be easier for them to cut than round shapes. Once the child has mastered cutting these simple shapes then he or she can move on to more complex shapes such as circles or pictures.

Avoiding Mess

Glue can be messy and when you have an entire kindergarten using glue things can get out of control. A glue stick is a good solution since it doesn’t make much mess. If you are using liquid glue then pour it into a plastic dispenser to make it easier for the kids to use. When we buy glue in bulk it comes in a bottle that isn’t exactly user friendly but you can buy smaller bottles of glue and just refill them instead of pouring the glue onto plates which is bound to get messy.

Cover the table with a disposable table cloth before you start working. When you are finished you can just throw away the table cloth, paper off-cuts, leftover glue and any other garbage.

You can also cover the entire table with plastic wrap. Wrap it around the table and make sure that it is totally covered. This is a great way to protect a table and you can leave it covered like that for months at home or weeks in a preschool or kindergarten. It also prevents kids from drawing or creating masterpieces on the kitchen table. It is a great tip for kindergartens or homes that have a table that is often used for arts and crafts. When the plastic wrap gets shabby just replace it. No more cleaning required!

Other Cut and Paste Activities

There are many different cut and paste activities that you can do with kindergarteners or kids in preschool. If you would like to improve your child’s fine motor skills you might want to try some of the following activities in addition to the cut and paste worksheets above:

  • Give the children old magazines and ask them to make a collage.
  • Cut up family photos and make a family tree.
  • Make a scrapbook with your kids and have them record milestones, family activities or vacations.
  • Cut out shapes using colored card stock and create modern art.
  • Cut out letters from an old magazine or newspaper and paste them on a sheet of paper to write the name of each family member. You can also cut out a photo of each person next to his or her name.
  • Look through old magazines to find each letter in the alphabet. Cut them out and paste them on a sheet of paper in the correct order to create the alphabet.


Cutting can be dangerous and children should never be left unattended while using scissors. Always use child safety scissors that are designed for kids.

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