Teach Kids to Draw

Drawing Step by Step

This picture of Hello Kitty can be drawn step by step. Each time you add more details.

How to draw Hello Kitty

Drawing with a Grid

Teach kids to drawDrawing Printables

Ice cream
Palm Tree

How do you copy these pictures?

Copy each piece of the grid with the picture fragment to the same position on the empty grid to the right.

Each time focus on one square on the grid only. Children sometimes find it difficult to block out other pieces of the grid or remember which square they are drawing. If this happens then you can help them by covering the other squares with blank paper.

The first time your child copies the drawing you might want to guide him/her. For example, show the child how a line might start in the middle of the square and continue until the end or move into the top right corner. Show the child how to observe these small details and then copy them into the empty grid.

Why use the grid?

The grid basically helps kids split up the drawing into small pieces. They can then copy each piece of the picture in the correct position on the grid. The grid helps kids understand proportions, just how big every piece of the picture needs to be and where it should be drawn on the grid.

How does this drawing activity help kids?

  • It gives them more confidence to copy the pictures since they have guidelines to help them.
  • They are also drawing small pieces of the picture each time which is not as overwhelming as drawing the entire picture.
  • It helps develop eye hand coordination.
  • Teaches children to observe details.
  • Its fun!

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