Angry Birds Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Angry Birds Math WorksheetsMath Worksheets for Kindergarten

Counting and adding up to 10 with the Angry Birds

This free printable counting workbook contains 14 pages of kindergarten worksheets to teach kids to count from 1 to 10, write numbers up to 10 and perform basic calculations (addition and subtraction) up to 10.

If your kids love the Angry Birds they will love these printable worksheets! They will count, add and subtract Angry Birds and they won’t even notice that they are learning

Either print all of the pages to create a workbook or print only the pages that you need.

Math Workbook Cover

 kindergarten worksheets

Reading and writing numbers 1 and 2

 kindergarten worksheet

Counting up to 2

 angry bird worksheet

Reading and writing numbers 3 and 4

 Angry Birds Number Worksheet

How many Angry Birds? Count up to 4

 Angry Birds Addition Worksheet

Counting up to 4

 Angry Birds Addition Worksheets

Reading and writing numbers 5 and 6

 Angry Birds Number Worksheets

Counting up to 6


Reading and writing numbers 7 and 8

 Angry Birds Preschool Worksheets

Counting up to 8

 Adding Worksheets

Reading and writing numbers 9 and 10

 Number Worksheets

Counting up to 10

Three different worksheets

 Kindergarten worksheets

Free Kindergarten worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets




  1. Great worksheets! My son loves angry birds. He will surely love this. Learning while having fun!

  2. Thanks. there are great!! My grandson loves counting & new image.

  3. Hi. I am new to your blog, but very interested in the angry birds worksheets. How do you download the file? I don’t see a link to click on. Thanks!

  4. You just click on the worksheet that you want to print and then either save it or print it. To print it you right click on the mouse and click on print.

  5. Maria Dideles says:

    Thanks for this worksheets… my 5 year old had fun with them… It taught him how to count faster and write as well…

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