Monkey Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Monkey Kindergarten WorksheetsA selection of free printable worksheets, coloring pages, mazes and other printables with monkeys.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

M Alphabet Coloring Page

Letter M Coloring Page

The monkey is holding the letter M. Color the monkey and the letter M.
This will help kids learn to recognize the letter M and associate it with the word “monkey”.

M Alphabet Sheet
Alphabet Coloring Pages

M is for Monkey. These coloring sheets will help preschoolers learn to read and write while having fun coloring.

Monkey Coloring Pages

Monkey Coloring Page
Monkey Coloring Sheet

Monkey Coloring Pages

A selection of free printable monkey coloring pages. The word “monkey” can be colored too. This will help children learn to recognize the word.

Monkey Printables

Monkey bookmarks which can be colored. Once they are colored cut them out and punch a hole on the top. If you can laminate them then they will last for longer.
Door hanger
“Keep Out” sign for the door
Monkey Invitations
Printable invitations which can be colored.

Printable Mazes

Level: Easy

Mazes for kids

Level: medium

Maze for kids

Level: Advanced

Printable mazes
Printable Maze

Letter M Printables

Letter M
M Flash Card

Greeting Cards

Happy Holidays Coloring Sheet
Happy holidays coloring page
Monkey Coloring Greeting Card
  1. Print the greeting card.Color the picture of the monkey.
  2. Cut out the card.
  3. Fold in half.
  4. Write your message in the card.
Happy Birthday Card with Monkeys
Birthday tags

Print these birthday tags for your kids to color. Cut out each one.

Printable Masks

Monkey mask
Printable Monkey Mask
  1. Print these monkey masks.Cut out the mask.
  2. Punch holes on either side.
  3. Tie string or elastic between the holes.
Monkey Coloring mask
Printable coloring monkey mask

These masks are made as described above but need to be colored before used.

Number Mazes

Follow the numbers from number one in the correct order in order to find the path from the monkey to the end of the maze.

Number Maze
number maze
Printable Maze
Number Maze

This is an alphabet maze. Start at A and join the letters in the correct order of the alphabet to find the path from the monkey to the bananas.

Alphabet Maze

Monkey Worksheets

Trace the lines

Printables with monkey
Monkey Printable

Monkey printables


  1. Hi, just wondering if I could use one of your monkey mazes as part of my assessment for Prep students. Thanks.

  2. Yes you can.

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