The Trash Pack Worksheets

Kindergarten Worksheets

A selection of free printable worksheets with “The Trash Pack” to help kids learn addition and subtraction while having fun! Click on the images to open and then either print or save.

Math Worksheets
Free printable math workbook with addition and
subtraction math worksheets with the Trash Pack. Add them, subtract them and learn math while having fun!
Addition Worksheets
Kindergarten worksheets

Addition math worksheets with the Trash Pack

Kindergarten addition worksheets
Printable Kindergarten Worksheet
Addition math worksheet
Subtraction math worksheet
Kindergarten subtraction worksheet
Kindergarten math worksheets
Subtraction math worksheet
Addition and subtraction math worksheet
Free Kindergarten Worksheets
Addition and subtraction worksheets

Kindergarten math worksheets

Math Worksheet
Kindergarten word search
Kindergarten addition and subtraction worksheets
The Trash Pack Word Search


  1. how do i print it

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know that there was a problem. I have fixed it and you can print the worksheets now.

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