Letter C Worksheets and Activities

letter c activitiesLetter C Activities

You will find free printable letter C worksheets, activities and coloring pages below. If you require any additional resources to teach the letter C then please comment below.

Letter C Coloring Pages

spongebob worksheets

Letter C Coloring Page

Letter C Worksheets

How to use this alphabet coloring coloring sheet?

  1. Color the sentence “C is for Clock”
  2. Trace the capital letter C three times then write the capital letter C until you reach the end of the line.
  3. Trace the lowercase letter c three times then write the capital letter c until you reach the end of the line.
  4. Color the picture of the letter C and the clock.

Handwriting worksheet - letter C

Letter C Handwriting Worksheet

C is for candy

Kindergarten worksheets- letter C

Spongebob Letter C Worksheet

This SpongeBob letter C worksheet will teach kids to recognize, read and write the letter C (lowercase “c”) and learn the beginning sound for the letter “c”.

How do you use this worksheet?

  1. Say, this is the letter “c” and point to the letter “c”.
  2. Say, “cactus begins with the letter c. Listen for the sound that “c” makes at the beginning of the word “cccc-actus”.
  3. Ask the child to say “cccc-actus.”
  4. Show the child how to trace the hollow c with a finger and then ask him/her to color the hollow “c”.
  5. Have the child trace the grey letter c at the bottom of the page with his/her finger and then with a pencil.
  6. Have the child write the letter c on the line and continue until the end of the line.
  7. Ask the child to color the picture of Spongebob touching the cactus.
Curious George Letter C Worksheet

Write the letter C, color the word and the picture of Curious George.

alphabet worksheet

Write the word “curious” and then color the picture of Curious George

kindergarten worksheets


 Letter C Activities

C is for cookies

colored cookies


Cookie making is a fun activity to do with kids. It keeps them busy for hours, the possibilities are endless and when they are done they can eat their masterpieces. Prepare your favorite cookie dough together with the kids. You can separate the dough into a few batches and add food coloring to each batch to create a few different colors of dough. You can also use various products to decorate the cookies such as icing, chocolate chips, candy and a million other options.

Tip: If you are home schooling or making the dough in a kindergarten class you can even print out the recipes with pictures of the ingredients. For example, a picture of flour and a picture of a cup or two cups depending on the recipe. Do this for each of the recipes. You can then print out the recipes and the students can follow. You can do this at home too.

C is for cat

craft to make a cat


To make this cat you will need a pipe cleaner, a big polystyrene ball, a small polystyrene ball, construction paper, glue, moveable eyes and a marker.

  1. Stick the two balls together with a hot glue gun. This stage should be done by an adult prior to starting the activity with the children.
  2. Give each child two connected balls.
  3. Stick the 4 pipe cleaner sticks in the ball.
  4. Stick the moveable eyes on.
  5. Cut out ears and stick them on.
  6. Draw a face and any other details that you want to add.

C is for Castle

casle built out of recycled box


For this letter c activity you will need an old box as big as you can find. You will also need scissors, brown paint, a scrap of fabric for the curtain and glue to stick the curtain.

  1. Place the box on the floor with the closed side face down.
  2. Cut out small squares from the top of each of the four sides of the box.
  3. Cut out a door.
  4. Paint the castle with brown paint.
  5. Find a scrap of fabric and connect it to the top of the door.

Once complete kids can play in the castle and have hours of fun!

C is for Clown

baloon craft


This letter c activity is a lot of fun but take into account that the balloons do sometimes pop so have a few spares just for in case.

To make this clown balloon you need a balloon, cotton wool, construction paper, pom-pom or tissue paper which can just be folded and stuck on the hat, moveable eyes, a permanent marker and glue.

  1. Cut out the nose and mouth and stick them on the clown.
  2. Stick the hair on.
  3. Make and decorate a hat and stick it on.
  4. Draw any detail that you want to add.

C is for castle

castle craft


For this activity all you need is construction paper, scissors and glue.

  1. Cut a long rectangle from construction paper.
  2. Cut out little squares from the top of the rectangle at even distances from each other. Do this on one side only.
  3. Join the two shorter sides of the rectangle to create a round shape and stick them together.
  4. Make a few of these in different sizes and colors.
  5. You can then either just pile them up one on another or cut some slits in order to insert them into each other. If you do cut some slits then the castle will be more stable.

If you have some toy horses and knights the kids can have more fun with their creation.

C is for Clown

clown paper doll


Create a moveable paper clown. All you need is a printer, split pins, scissors and colors.

Print out a template for this paper doll clown. You will need one per child.

Ask the students to color in the clown and then cut them out when they have finished. Attach each piece together with a split pin.


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